Garden Meta Overview



Updated 2022-08-14

Not sure what this is? Check out my post, What are digital gardens?



  • Main structure is provided by pages, which are hierarchical.
    • I need to build a block that automatically lists child pages for the page you are on.
  • Categories are hierarchical and theme based
  • Tags are topical and freeform, auto-linked by TaxoPress
    • TaxoPress only has posts turned on by default. You need to go into the settings and enable for pages.
  • Public and private pages.
  • Making use of the GenerateBlocks plugin, which has a great replacement for the core Query Loop block with the ability to customize the query just like you can in code with WP_Query
  • Cross/backlinking are handled via enabling trackbacks and pingbacks on pages.
    • add_post_type_support( 'page', 'trackbacks' );
  • [x] Breadcrumbs via Breadcrumb NavXT
  • [x] Use Redirection to monitor permalink changes so I can easily reorganize things without breaking links.
  • [ ] Bi-directional linking
  • [x] Pingbacks, Trackbacks, and Webmentions
  • [ ] Show related content by category and show page ancestry siblings
  • [ ] Show revisions and/or changelog to show how notes have changed over time
  • [x] Last updated date and published date (planted/tended)
  • [ ] Live preview of links (transclusion) on hover or focus

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