Small Seasons of the Lower Hudson Valley


Updated 2023-03-04

Inspired by My goal with this page is to write descriptions for the small seasons we experience in the lower Hudson Valley.

SeasonNameJapanese charactersMeaningAssociationsApproximate Date
SpringRisshun立春Start of SpringThe first skunk cabbages pop up in the low wet areas of the woods. The eagles soar.Feb 4
Usui雨水Rain watersIce melts, daffodils start to pop out of the ground.Feb 18
Keichitsu啓蟄Going-out of the wormsCrocuses bloom, bugs and frogs come out of brumation.March 6
Shunbun春分Vernal equinoxSigns of plant life everywhere. Time to start your seeds indoors.March 21
Seimei清明Clear and brightForsythias and cherry trees bloom.April 4

Crocuses bloomingMarch 21March 10Feb 14
Daffodils emerging???Feb 18Feb 14
Peonies emerging??????March 3
Rhubarb emergingn/an/aMarch 4

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