Small Seasons of the Lower Hudson Valley



Updated 2023-03-04

Inspired by My goal with this page is to write descriptions for the small seasons we experience in the lower .

SeasonNameJapanese charactersMeaningAssociationsApproximate Date
SpringRisshun立春Start of SpringThe first skunk cabbages pop up in the low wet areas of the woods. The eagles soar.Feb 4
Usui雨水Rain watersIce melts, daffodils start to pop out of the ground.Feb 18
Keichitsu啓蟄Going-out of the wormsCrocuses bloom, bugs and frogs come out of brumation.March 6
Shunbun春分Vernal equinoxSigns of plant life everywhere. Time to start your seeds indoors.March 21
Seimei清明Clear and brightForsythias and cherry trees bloom.April 4

Crocuses bloomingMarch 21March Feb 14
Daffodils emerging???Feb 18Feb 14
Peonies emerging??????March 3
Rhubarb emergingn/an/aMarch 4

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