Raising Children




Updated 2022-08-14

When you are frustrated, remember:

  1. They are learning about the world
  2. They don’t conform to your schedule or your sense of time or urgency
  3. They likely aren’t doing something to intentionally upset you. Your feelings are your own.

Calming them down

  • Take a breath and stay calm. They pick up and feed on your energy.
  • Offer some water.
  • Go for a quick walk outside. The change of scenery helps.
  • Hold them and read a book.
  • Somewhere loud, hot, bright, or a place with lots of stimulation? Find a quiet, cool, less-bright place.


Amanda comes up with creative playtime fun by asking this: “What does he like to do, and how can that be turned into a non-destructive activity?”

  • Knocking things over –> stacking up toilet paper rolls to knock over
  • Pulling tissues out of the box –> fabric squares in a wipes container for him to pull out
  • Emptying things off of the cart –> pulling his toys out of a basket
  • Pulling things out of cabinets –> having non-breakable bowls accessible at his height that he can pull out