Asemic Writing


Updated 2022-08-14
Generative Bad Handwriting — Show this tweet to a doctor » /dev/log
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About Asemic Writing – ELECTRONIC COTTAGE
Generative Handwriting Part II – GLAEM
I created a handwriting program that generates words and draws them in an asemic style. My computer can now hand-letter it’s own weird poetry.
Asemic Manuscript – GLAEM
My computer and I are co-authoring a book to help me develop my generative handwriting. Each new page will document a change to the program.
GitHub – vcidst/ascemic-writing: P5 demo for ascemic writing
P5 demo for ascemic writing. Contribute to vcidst/ascemic-writing development by creating an account on GitHub.
fxhash — Pharmacist Nightmare
Have you ever wondered why your doctor’s prescriptions are so difficult to read? It’s because your doctor is an artist. And his prescriptions are his artistic creations. It’s probably just Ibuprofen