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Updated 2022-08-14
Give Me Colors / Lionel Radisson / Observable
A collection of color palettes, scales, methods to get colors from images and color conversion methods. Palettes \`muzli\`, \`colourlovers\`, \`adobe\`, \`coolors\`, \`colorhunt\`, \`colorleap\` and \`colorpalettes\` are arrays of palettes. Each palette is an array of colors in Hex format. The number of colors in a palette varies between providers: \`colorpalettes\` palettes contain 3 colors \`colorhunt\` palettes contain 4 colors \`muzli\`, \`colourlovers\`, \`coolors\`, \`colorleap\` and \`adobe\` pal
Working with Color in Generative Art — Tyler Hobbs
Color Arrangement in Generative Art — Tyler Hobbs
Many aspiring generative artists find color to be one of the most difficult aspects of their work. On top of the standard color-related challenges you’ll find in any medium, in generative art you typically have much less control over the exact color choices for any particular element in your work. The kind of randomization that’s standard in generative art means that the algorithm is selecting the final colors, not you.
Color Pals
Make Beautiful Gradients in CSS, with linear-gradient, radial-gradient, or conic-gradient.
Have you ever noticed that gradients tend to look a little gray and washed-out in the middle? This happens because of a mathematical quirk with RGB colors. Fortunately, we can work around this quirk, and create beautiful, lush, saturated gradients.

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