Pineapple Rum


Updated 2022-12-03

Lots of tiki recipes call for Pineapple rum, but I’m wary of the stuff that is crystal clear and flavored with artificial extracts, so I mostly avoided it.

Then, I noticed the Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum that is flavored via real pineapple infusion, so I decided to try it myself. Notably, Stiggins uses aged rum instead of white rum. More my speed.

My original plan was to let the pineapple sit in rum for a couple weeks, but I wanted to use it faster than that, so I pulled out an old trick I learned about making quick infusions: Using heat!

I used a sous vide so that:

  1. I could control the heat and keep it low enough to keep the pineapple from turning bitter
  2. Control evaporation
  3. Keep the rum from catching on fire over the gas stove

I used a whole chopped pineapple with the peel removed (core chopped up too), 750ml of a mix of Smith & Cross Jamaican rum and Diplomatico Venezuelan rum. Vacuum sealed it in a bag and “cooked” it for 2.5 hours at 130F.


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